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Born and raised in the Philippines, I grew up in the City of Cebu or more commonly known as the Queen City of the South. Ever since I was little, I lived a pretty active lifestyle.

Back then, basketball was and still is one the most famous sports around here in the Philippines, and is what I enjoyed doing, aside from riding my scooter when I am not at home watching TV or playing computer games.

I have to admit though that there were times that I did get addicted to some online games, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Continent of the Ninth, Diablo and many others.

It reached a point wherein, I started gaining weight after I was no longer part of the basketball club and varsity. This happened during my second year of high school, which did get me alarmed. Of course, I would exercise and play some basketball here and there, but it was not as much training compared to when I was in the club.

Since I had more time to focus on gaming, I did gain some weight, but I was never the type to sit for long periods of hours as I would feel uneasy and restless.

Fast-forward to college, and my first year was my heaviest in terms of my weight. This was due to the transition from my high school life to a new journey of being more liberated with my choices. This was when it hit me hard and by December of 2014, I decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution to turn things around for my body and lifestyle.

This is my first and the start of my blogging journey about my life and love for food and fitness. More to come!


The most crucial part of any diet or fitness goal, food. Fuel for the body, rather than entertainment. That’s how we should preset our mind and body into thinking and then doing.

Workout Routines

In order to craft our body, we need to put it to the test of pain, strength, endurance and smart training. Structure and quantity with consistency. Through experience, we learn and develop for growth.


Plan, Execute and Track your progress to avoid plateaus and encourage more room for growth and development.


Helping you become the best and fit version of yourself through a consistent and sustainable lifestyle. From workouts, nutrition to health and fitness tips, you can get what fits your schedule and body type. Whatever your goal is, you can be the best version of yourself if you put in the work and believe that you can achieve it.

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